International Babywearing Week: The Perfect Excuse to Conquer My Babywearing Fears


As I was pumping last night and scanning Twitter and Facebook for cool, successful mommy bloggers, I learned this week is International Babywearing Week. I might have thought something like this was silly before becoming a mom. However, this awareness week could not have come at a better time.

The Maryland weather is turning crisp and the multi-colored leaves are decorating the streets which could only mean one thing – fall festival time. We visited Larriland Farm this past weekend to introduce our little guy to pumpkins, apples, pit beef, and so much more. A stroller just would not have cut it on the farm’s dirt roads, grassy hills, and apple orchards. So, we strapped my husband up to the ERGObaby 360. Being a new mom means worrying — about everything! Let’s face it. I felt much better about baby H being strapped into a stroller with four wheels on the ground than relying on my two feet which have never provided me much confidence. I also had developed neck pain in my new mommy gig and thought a carrier would strain my neck and escalate the pain.

With the help and support of my new mommy ladies I had lunch with today at the Columbia Wegmans (upstairs where there is so much space for groups to meet), I faced my fears. Continue reading