Tip Tuesday: The One-Armed Swaddle


For one reason or another, I decided to stop swaddling little H at about 2 months. The hubby liked the swaddle and wanted to continue using the technique. I was worried swaddling was habit forming. H was sleeping OK without one so I figured why continue swaddling if he doesn’t need it. I stopped swaddling cold turkey. H was sleeping without the swaddle but his flailing arms and legs would wake him up every 2 to 3 hours. We assumed he was hungry so I would feed him. Nights kept progressively getting worse when they should have been getting better. He had found his thumb but still wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. And, his arms and hands were scaring him as he was just discovering them. Continue reading


NEWSFLASH! Mean Girls and Nice Girls Unite as Mommies

mean-girls-popularSource: FanPop

It starts young. We can all remember the group of girls that were mean. They would look you up and down, exclude you from the lunch table, and whisper behind your back. Sometimes they would even pretend to be your friend just to get your help on school work. I am not bitter or anything. It is funny, because we strive for more gender equality between men and women. But, ladies, shouldn’t we stick together and practice what we preach? How can women demand equality with men if we are not even playing on the same team?

Just think if we were more united as a gender, perhaps we could have already experienced seeing the first woman U.S. president shatter the glass ceiling into millions of pieces. Yet the Huffington Post‘s Juilette Frette explains women are quick to judge and compete with other women. Women are mean to other women. Many seem to think they have another woman’s whole story figured out just by her looks, her appearance, or her body type.

I should mention not all women are mean. But, sadly all too often women are mean to women. I have found motherhood seems to change all of this.

Outside of my amazing husband, I owe much of where I am today as a new mother to the women I have met and reconnected with along the way. Continue reading