REVIEW: Robinson Nature Center FREE Admission Wednesday


Mr. H and I decided to take a trip to the Robinson Nature Center last Wednesday. Why not? Every Wednesday the center offers FREE admission to families and individuals.

  • The staff that greeted us were helpful in answering my questions and very enthusiastic about the center.
  • I did not know if there would be anything for H to actually appreciate and understand only being 3 months old. We were in luck. The center has vibrant colors and shapes hanging from the ceiling. There are nature sounds that play as you walk through the exhibit. He seemed stimulated and engaged.
  • We did get lost trying to get to the lower level of the exhibit. I assumed we could take the main elevator which dropped us on the lower level but near the classrooms. There was a big EXIT ONLY sign on the exhibit door. Turns out to get to the exhibit’s lower level you must walk to the end of the exhibit on the first floor and ring a bell for a staff member to operate a special lift. I did find this to be slightly strange and out of sorts. I am sure there is a good reason for the lift and not directing visitors to the main elevator. We opted out of going to the lower level ,but from what we could see, the rest of the exhibit looked fantastic.
  • We ended our visit with a walk on Wildflower Way Trail. I had H in the stroller, so we were stuck on the paved trail which was short and did not offer much. I would recommend bringing your baby carrier so you can enjoy the gorgeous wilderness and scenery you will see on the other unpaved trails.
  • The center has a beautiful and sustainable architectural design. Did you know this building is only one of three LEED Certified Platinum buildings in the state of Maryland.
  • Check out the center’s many awards and accolades here.
  • Other opportunities the center offers includes the following: volunteering, renting and hosting space for meetings and events, throwing birthday parties, staffing field trips, and coordinating home schooling activities.

This is a wonderful resource with so many community-building offerings. What a perfect place for parents, schools, grandparents, and babysitters alike to engage children. Consider the center for future field trips, play dates, weekend activities, special events, and birthday parties.

I have lived in HoCo for nearly three years and I just recently learned about this modern and educational hidden HoCo treasure. Have you been to the Robinson Nature Center? What about the special Touch Tank on the weekends? Or, have you checked out the new planetarium?

Mr. H, daddy, and I will see you at the the Robinson Nature Center soon – hopefully as members!



2 thoughts on “REVIEW: Robinson Nature Center FREE Admission Wednesday

  1. KellyDS says:

    How fun! Is the unpaved trail ‘safe’ in the sense that if I used the front pack I wouldn’t trip on roots and stuff? Either that or I need to get more acclimated to walking outdoors with a front pack… Nervous nelly over here! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Kelly,
      Good question! I really did not see the unpaved paths. But, we could always check it out together and hope for the best. 🙂 As parents, I am pretty sure being a nervous nelly comes with the territory and never goes away!
      Bananas for HoCo,


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