Tip Tuesday: The One-Armed Swaddle


For one reason or another, I decided to stop swaddling little H at about 2 months. The hubby liked the swaddle and wanted to continue using the technique. I was worried swaddling was habit forming. H was sleeping OK without one so I figured why continue swaddling if he doesn’t need it. I stopped swaddling cold turkey. H was sleeping without the swaddle but his flailing arms and legs would wake him up every 2 to 3 hours. We assumed he was hungry so I would feed him. Nights kept progressively getting worse when they should have been getting better. He had found his thumb but still wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. And, his arms and hands were scaring him as he was just discovering them.

H was tired and mommy and daddy were tired. We were frustrated and concerned. However, we received a tip from one of our Healthy Families of Howard County contacts. She suggested we reintroduce the swaddle and allow little H to keep one arm free. I was concerned reintroducing the swaddle would confuse baby H. The first night we tried the one-armed swaddle and Mr. H slept 8.5 hours straight!

I needed to face the facts. Our little guy felt better warm, toasty, and curled up rather than free. That will come in time when it is right for him. I knew other babies his age that are sleeping in the crib free as a bird, transitioning out of the swaddle into crib sleeping, or co-sleeping. It is easy to compare and to get discouraged. But, lets remember, each baby is different. Tips can expand horizons and provide parents, young and old, with ideas. But, at the end of the day, parents must do what works best for their kiddos.

He told us what he needed and we listened. We got off track a bit but now seem to be back on and headed in the right direction. But that is parenting right? Trial and error? Especially as first time parents.

Do you have a tip? A really cool technique that has proven to work for you? Every Tuesday I will feature a parenting tip. But, I am only 3 months into being a mom so I will certainly run out of tips quickly. Please contact me with any tip ideas. Or, better yet, become an official Babies & Banana Bread guest blogger and write a more detailed and fun blog post.. Or, feel free to tweet out a tip using #HoCoBBBTipTues. 



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