DIY: Pumpkin Mum Flower Pots & Support HoCo Merchants


I do not have a green thumb. Nonetheless, I do find potting flowers (and spending money on hanging flowers) to be relaxing. That is about as far as I go.

Converting your “sugar” pumpkin into a flower pot to display your seasonal mums is more than just easy; this DIY is super affordable and will get you into the fall spirit. The following are the VERY simple steps: 

  1. Carve a large circle around the stem of the pumpkin. Just like you would if you were carving a pumpkin for Halloween.
  2. Dig in and take out the pumpkin and the seeds. I first use my hands and then I finish with a spoon to get the pumpkin nice and smooth on the inside walls. I always tell myself I will save the pumpkin and seeds for baking.
  3. Drill  or carve some holes in the base of the pumpkin so the water as a way to escape.
  4. Fill the pumpkin about halfway with soil, add your mum(s) and top off your new pumpkin pot with additional soil if needed. This year I made it simple and used the small “sugar” pumpkins. But, any size pumpkin you prefer works.
  5. Consider adding some fun, fall decorations to your potted mums. Last year I found some Fall scarecrows on a stick at the Michaels on Snowden River Parkway for super cheap. I am sure you could make your own as another type of DIY project.

Mums and pumpkins make a nice combination. Over the last few years I have found this fun combination responds to Maryland’s October and November climate well. You are sure to receive compliments from neighbors and visitors alike. It is a nice welcoming touch to a front door, patio, our outdoor staircase or path.

Being a new mom is time consuming. However, I have quickly found I must incorporate small me projects into my daily routine. If not, it becomes difficult to be a good wife and a good new mommy. The key is finding realistic, easy, and affordable DIY projects. It only took 30 minutes to carve the pumpkins and pot the mums. Plus, it was bonding time with my little man. I brought him outside in the cool fresh air with me. He relaxed and listened to his favorite Pandora station ‘Indie Children’s Radio’ on his Fischer Price SnugaMonkey Bouncer. We purchased the Fischer Price SnugaMonkey Cradle ‘n Swing from Target and got the bouncer for FREE.

I shopped local merchants to purchase the supplies for this easy DIY activity.

Other local merchants — mom and pop shops which I always try to support — you should consider purchasing your supplies from:

This domesticated diva in training did experience a minor fail. I decided to move a paper Trader Joe’s bag across the living room into the kitchen trash bag. Moist pumpkin parts and soil had been in the bag for a few days. The bottom tore and gross dirt and mush flew everywhere. Thank goodness for my Black & Decker Dustbuster. I purchased this save-the-day gizmo last year at Bed, Bath & Beyond on Snowden River Parkway. This is one of our best investments since our first floor is tile and hardwood. The dustbuster is perfect for cleaning quick spills, crumbs, hairs, and so much more. Now if only I could figure out how to quickly remove the milk stains that decorate every crevice.

Make it a great Sunday Funday HoCo.


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