International Babywearing Week: The Perfect Excuse to Conquer My Babywearing Fears


As I was pumping last night and scanning Twitter and Facebook for cool, successful mommy bloggers, I learned this week is International Babywearing Week. I might have thought something like this was silly before becoming a mom. However, this awareness week could not have come at a better time.

The Maryland weather is turning crisp and the multi-colored leaves are decorating the streets which could only mean one thing – fall festival time. We visited Larriland Farm this past weekend to introduce our little guy to pumpkins, apples, pit beef, and so much more. A stroller just would not have cut it on the farm’s dirt roads, grassy hills, and apple orchards. So, we strapped my husband up to the ERGObaby 360. Being a new mom means worrying — about everything! Let’s face it. I felt much better about baby H being strapped into a stroller with four wheels on the ground than relying on my two feet which have never provided me much confidence. I also had developed neck pain in my new mommy gig and thought a carrier would strain my neck and escalate the pain.

With the help and support of my new mommy ladies I had lunch with today at the Columbia Wegmans (upstairs where there is so much space for groups to meet), I faced my fears. The photo above proves it! My neck and back felt fine — in fact maybe even better than before. Baby H was so comfy and cozy he instantly fell sleep. I mentioned to the girls the carrier will come in handy when I need to walk around the house, vacuum, tidy up, check the mail, and maybe even laundry but still want him close to me. Many of them use their babywear for those very same activities. We celebrated International Babywearing Week by sporting our carriers, slings, and wraps.

My ERGObaby 360 (with the infant insert) just provided this mommy with a whole new set of freedoms. If you are anything like I was, and eager to use babywear but don’t know where to start, ask another mommy friend for support, go to the store where you purchased the product and ask for assistance, or visit Greenberries. This Columbia, MD modern, eco-friendly children’s, baby, and maternity boutique will fit you appropriately. Cool huh?

Share the Adventure! Which babywear brand do you prefer? What would you recommend and why? Do you have a story of when you used your babywear (you just might inspire another mama or dada). As Halloween approaches, I wonder if there are parents that plan to somehow incorporate babywear into Halloween costumes. Oh, do tell!

Happy International Babywearing Week!



6 thoughts on “International Babywearing Week: The Perfect Excuse to Conquer My Babywearing Fears

  1. Lisa says:

    Mine wiggles about in her Lillebaby (sp?). It’s a soft structured carrier similar to an Ergo, but unfortunately doesn’t do front outward-facing carry.


    • There are so many options for babywearing these days. Yes, we did go with the ergo360 so little H can eventually look out. Daddy usually wears the carrier though. I hope to get more confident with the carrier as H continues to get bigger. 😉


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